A fully canonical orthodox and catholic autocephalous Apostolic See -- Полностью канонический православный и католический автокефальный Апостольский Престол.

Through adherence to the historic and constant faith of the Church as taught by the saints and the Church Fathers (St. Vincent of Lerins) and the faith once delivered for all unto the saints (Jude 3). Neither affiliation with the Bishop of Rome nor of Constantinople nor any other ecclesiastical jurisdiction is required. We accept as canonical all who accept the traditional faith.

Attraverso l'adesione alla fede storica e costante della Chiesa come insegnata dai santi e dai Padri della Chiesa (San Vincenzo di Lerins) e alla fede una volta consegnata per tutti ai santi (Giuda 3). Non è obbligatoria la l'affiliazione col Vescovo di Roma, di Costantinopoli, o qualsiasi altra giurisdizione ecclesiastica. Accettiamo come canonici tutti coloro che accettano la fede tradizionale.

Через приверженность исторической и постоянной вере Церкви, которой учат святые и Отцы Церкви (святой Викентий Леринский), и веру, когда-то переданную для всех святым (Иуды 3). Ни принадлежность к епископу Рима, ни Константинополя, ни к какой-либо другой церковной юрисдикции не требуется. Мы принимаем в качестве канонических всех, кто принимает традиционную веру.

The Apostolic See of Saints Mark and Stephen

Saint Alexander Nevsky, Grand Prince of Kiev, Prince of Novgorod, rejecting subservience to the Roman diocese. Although the Imperial Roman Church is Apostolic heir to the temporal patrimony of St. Peter, the Apostolic See of Saints Mark and Stephen continues that legacy of autocephalous autonomy, which has been confirmed numerous times over the last millenium, most recently in 2013, and thus is not subservient to the Bishop of Rome. Although we embrace the churches of the various patriarchs around the world as Christian brethren, this Apostolic See is not subject to any other jurisdiction.