Art Commissioned for the 30th Anniversary of the Consecration of Saint Edwin Caudill, Bishop of the Southwest

 Art commissioned by the Apostolic See in the 30th anniversary year of the consecration of Saint Edwin Caudill in orthodox and catholic Apostolic Succession. It depicts the consecration of Saint Edwin (Bishop Howard Edwin Caudill, Bishop of the Southwest) by Macario V. Ga, Supreme Pontiff of the Philippine Independent Church, and Bishops Frank Benning and John Hamers. 21 October 1993, Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Church, Brooklyn, New York. Bishop Caudill was Bishop of the Southwest. Some years after his repose, the remnants of his See went into the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches in 2008 and ceased to be part of the "Continuing Anglican" movement. Later it was renamed the See of St. Stephen and became the Coadjutorship of Rome. Joined with the Anglo-Roman Metropolitan Archdiocese of Aquileia, it became the Apostolic See of Saints Stephen and Mark, the principal See of the United Roman -Ruthenian Church

(The historical archives of the Archdiocese of the Southwest as housed in the Stephenian Archives contain a photograph of the actual consecration.)