Myth vs. Fact: Successors to St. Peter the Apostle

Myth: There is only one successor to St. Peter the Apostle, and it is the Pope of Rome.

Fact: The Pope of Rome is *one* successor, but *not* the only one. As historical sources easily show, there are several successors. First, St. Peter founded the See of Antioch *before* he founded the See of Rome. So, the Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch is also a successor to St. Peter. So is the Syrian Patriarch of Antioch. Then there are eastern rite Catholic Patriarchs of the same lineage who are likewise successors to St. Peter's See. In Rome, the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia is a *temporal* successor to St. Peter, as well as a successor to St. Mark in Aquileia. But, then the Roman Catholic Patriarch of Venice is also a successor to St. Mark, as is the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria. As another example, there are multiple successors to the See of St. Thomas the Apostle. There are plenty of other examples. The simple fact is that there are *multiple* direct successors to the Apostolic Sees. Fighting over who is the "one and only" is arrogant, denies simple historical fact, offends the rights of others, and destroys Christian unity.